Светочувствительные материалы - Vermos Светочувствительные материалы
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Светочувствительные материалы Vermos
Светочувствительные материалы
Indietronica, Post-Rock
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Artist: Vermos
Album: Светочувствительные материалы
Label: USC
Catalog number: USC-WR-1409.0217
Release Year: 2012 / 2014

Light. Life stands still in the frame. A bit unsharp picture: variants of interpretation are possible. Light. Imprint of an instant. It was somewhen, but now it exists no more. Reality has changed like it constantly does. But the film captures and keeps changeless. Light. Shots are arranging in sequence. The life is being reconstructed, although not real. Or not? Screen heroes are so true, when they live and feel and not just play. Light. Come to think of it, sometimes we know their lives then ours. Worrying and sympathizing for them, rejoicing and grieving together. Over and over again we live their life along with them to smooth over dullness of daily routine. Lights. Camera. Action!

01.Её королевство (Her Kingdom) (2:32)
02.Легенда (The Legend) (3:40)
03.Топография мест захоронений (Topography of the Burial Places) (3:09)
04.Тема советского инженера (Theme of Soviet Engineer) (2:43)
05.Плыли дожди (Rains Were Floating) (3:51)
06.Сибирский фронтир (Siberian Frontier) (3:20)

Composed by Vermos.
Synthesizers, sampler, programmed, written and arranged by Yaroslav Yanitskiy.
Photography by Jon Seidman.
Artwork by Anna Riet and Mike Winchester.

This work is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.
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Posted by USC on 18 September 2014
Tags: indietronica, cinematic, vermos, minimal, ambient, post_rock